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'Working toward integrative Medicine'


The German Association of Biochemistry (Biochemischer Bund Deutschland eV) was the first organisation of biochemistry - founded in 1885.

Today, with branches throughout Europe, and many other countries of the world, it it the worlds leading authority on the subject of 'The Clinical Science of the Biochemic Therapies of Dr. med W. H. Schuessler', with continuing  work, and research into the 12 minerals.

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With representative seats on the Health Commission of the Federal German Government and the Health commission of the European Government (EU), The German Association of Biochemistry, as owners of Schuessler's original works; and  current evidence based scientific research material, is considered the worlds leading authority on the subject of Inorganic elements and the fundamentals of biochemistry of Dr. Schuessler.

The Asia Pacific Branch was formed on 1 July 2000 to provide service to Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region in general.

MAIN OFFICE (ASIA PACIFIC) – AUSTRALIA 124 Kurrajong Drive, Nanango, QLD 4615

Postal address: PO Box 8 Nanango QLD 4615 Tel+61 -7 4163 1366 Fax: +61 -7 4171 0508

Chairperson:   Mrs. C. Helmes

Secretary:   Mrs. P. Worbs

Please do not hesitate to contact us for All information relating to the Institute of Biochemic Medicine (Asia Pacific), The Clinical Science of Mineral therapy, Workshops, Overseas Clinics, Location of Qualified Practitioners in your State or Region.

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